‘Shri Ram Global Pre School ‘awarded the ‘Best Pre School’ by Dr.M.M.Pallam Raju, Hon’ble Union Minister of HRD at the Assocham National Excellence Awards 2013 ceremony held on 9th April 2013

Shri Ram Global Preschool Annual Sports Day Celebration


Shri Ram Global Preschool celebrated their Sixth Annual Sports Day on Friday 3rd March 2017 with lively drill displays, Yoga, Acrobatics, and energetic fun races.

Encouraging Sports in the child’s life not only has a significant impact on his/her physical well being but also on the holistic development. Hence, physical activity focusing on the development of gross and fine motor skills forms an integral part of Shri Ram Global Preschool early years program.

With their earliest efforts on the field, Shri Ram Global Preschool believes in teaching children the value of practice, the ability to take directions, stretch their attention span and build a positive and healthy self image. They will also develop social skills such as taking turns and team work; emotional skills such as learning to cope with winning and losing with grace or simply how to take setbacks and shine their best, the next time. Developing such a strong mind, the school ensures that the children will grow into fine adults with all the keys to be successful in life.

The theme for the Sports Day was REEL SAFARI; some lovely characters (Peppa Pig, Minions, Angry Bird and Smurf) from the celluloid world were the mascots and told interesting stories through the races.

The children began the program with a March Past, the precision of which surprised everyone. They displayed their prowess through Yoga, a scintillating Aerobics, a catchy Rumba Zumba Drill, an effervescent P.T drill and an energetic rhythmic drill.

They enthralled the spectators by running novelty races, which saw them jumping over hurdles, crawling under caves, sorting coloured balls, staking three layered cakes and preparing yummy and healthy salad. The parents, special invitees and the teachers had a wonderful day watching the preschoolers at play.

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